April 11, 2016


World Maternal Mental Health Day

May 3, 2017

Maternal Mental Health Matters


An international task force met in late 2015 to start making plans for the first ever World Maternal Mental Health Day. The group decided that the event should be held each year on the first Wednesday of May, close to “Mother’s Day” and “Mental Health Week” in many countries.

Before long the task force had grown to include representatives from around the globe, all with a common goal of increasing awareness of maternal mental health issues.


Task Force Members and Organizations:

Postpartum Support International, USA

Maternal Mental Health Alliance, United Kingdom

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Alliance, Bakirkoy Women Mental Health Center, Turkey

Center of Perinatal Excellence, Australia

National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health, USA

Perinatal Mental Health Project, South Africa

Maternal Wellness Clinic, Canada

Mother First, Canada

La Teppe Medical Centre, France

Post & Ante- Natal Distress Support Group, New Zealand

Reproductive Mental Health Programme, Canada

The Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health, International

Marce Society (Mares), Spain

Marce Gesellschaft, Germany

Postpartum Support Network (PSN), Nigeria