April 12, 2016

Global Events

World Maternal Mental Health Day

Wednesday, 5 May 2021



Postpartum Depression – radio talk series
Radio shows at 42 community radio stations, with workshops in Kenya
Learn more here
Organised by Action for Preventative Mental Health, Kenya

April – May

Bring Holidays Back to Moms
The project is aimed at supporting and brightening the day for the expecting mothers who have to spend family holidays in a hospital in the Ukraine.
Learn more in this short video and on here
Organised by 280 Days, Ukraine

4-5 May

Perinatal Mental Health and Early Childhood virtual conference hosted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Virtual Conference
Registration and more information here
Organised by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

5 May

Maternity and Mental Health Symposium at Turkey
Young doctors invest in maternal mental health in Turkey!
Find the full programme here
Organised by Sakarya University Medical Faculty, Turkey

Improving Perinatal Mental Health Care in Canada
Virtual Symposium: Strategic approaches to perinatal mental health care in Canada. The symposium is open to clinicians, researchers (faculty, staff and students), advocates, government, and members of the general public. Part 1 will make the case for advancing perinatal mental health in Canada, and Part 2 will focus on standards of care and how these play out at the global, national, provincial and local levels.
Learn more and sign-up here
Organised by Ludmer Centre & CPMHC, Canada

Maternal Mental Health Day in Malta
– Yoga, Pilates and Baby Massage sessions throughout the month of May
– PIMHA featuring on various TV and radio programmes
– Sharing of videos on maternal mental health on social media
– Mama’s Support: peer to peer support group for mums.
Find out more here.
Organised by Parent-Infant Mental Health Alliance (PIMHA), Malta

7 May

Maternal Mental Health Vulnerability and Growth Conference
Virtual Symposium
Organised by t
he Puerto Rico Pre and Perinatal Psychology Association – sign-up here

May – June

Climb Out of the Darkness Walk
We will be taking over downtown Kitchener window spaces to lead an outdoor walking exhibition which will lay the path for Waterloo Region’s first Climb Out of the Darkness Walk. This walk is part of an International Initiative created by Postpartum Support International that raises money for local Perinatal Mental Health Initiatives and aims to de-stigmatize Perinatal Mental Health Struggles.

Any donation to Climb Out of the Darkness – Waterloo Region of $25 or more gains access to Post-Part virtually so that anyone, anywhere can immerse themselves in the walk. You can donate here.
Organised by City of Kitchener, Canada and Post-Part. For more information about this beautiful art exhibition, visit Post-Part.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness week (3 – 9 May)

UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week
Theme: Journeys to Recovery
take a look at our press release attached and Google Drive which contains infographics, symptom checklists , daily themes and online support sessions!
Organised by PMHP UK – learn more here

#MakingOverMotherhood Challenge
Moms are invited to get real about motherhood by sharing photos and posts that show the real face of motherhood.
The MMH Week toolkit this year will address maternal burnout and maternal OCD
Find out more and sign-up here
Organised by The Blue Dot Project, USA

Webinar series
3 May – “UMBILICAL Association: because maternal mental health matters!” (Nurse Ana Vale, Specialist in perinatal mental                          health and president of the Umbilical association)
4 May – “Project ‘to be in love’: a perinatal mental health nursing appointment experience in the community” (nurse Carla                                 Correia, specialist in mental health and master in communication)
5 May – “A journey through the world of mental health in pregnancy and in the postpartum period” (All social bodies of the                              Umbilical association with special guest)
6 May – “Psychological support in pregnancy and postpartum: is it important?” (clinical psychologist Raquel Vaz)
7 May – “Psychiatric drugs in pregnancy and postpartum: is it a possibility?”
8 May – “Being pregnant and being a mother in a context of emotional turmoil” (nurse Maria João Nascimento, specialist in                            mental health in early childhood)
9 May – “I had postpartum depression: sharing testimonies” (nurse Ana Vale and therapist Ana Melo)

Sign-up and find out more here
Organised by UMBILICAL Association, Portugal



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