April 12, 2016

Global Events

World Maternal Mental Health Day

Wednesday 3 May 2023


11th April

Return to Exercise Safely Postpartum
Free Facebook live workshop – 1.00pm
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Organised by PADA, New Zealand

April – May

Bring Holidays Back to Moms
The project is aimed at supporting and brightening the day for the expecting mothers who have to spend family holidays in a hospital in the Ukraine.
Learn more in this short video and on here
Organised by 280 Days, Ukraine

When the soul gets sick – Video series
Podiumsgespräch „Screening auf peripartale Depression
Vortrag „Besonderheiten der postpartalen Depression“ – Dr. Brigitte Kastner
Vortrag „Einfluss von Trauma und Depression auf die Schwangerschaft“ – Dr. med. Susanne Simen
Vortrag “Frühe Bindungsstörungen und späterer psychische Erkrankung“ – Dr. med. Sven Lienert
Interviewreihe “Wenn die Seele erkrankt: Teil 1 Depressionen in Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit” – Bündnis gegen Depression
Organised by Paracelsus Medical Privatuniversity (PMU) in collaboration with Bündnis gegen Depression Würzburg, Germany

2 May

Consumer and Professional Perspectives on the Need for Maternal Mental Health Services Policies and Women’s Rights to the Need for Maternal Mental Health Services
Panel Discussions – FREE for health workers and health students, student observers
Registration link: http://bit.ly/DiskusiPanelMHI
Organised by MotherHope Indonesia

Mums Aid
Join Mums Aid for a week of activities to mark Maternal Mental Health Week
Find more information here
Organised by Mums Aid, UK

4 May

Mommi, USA
Digital wellness platform launching on WorldMMHday
Join and more information here
Organised and founded by Anjali Srivastava MD, MBA and Jessica Gaulton MD, MPH USA

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaboration
Flora’s Walk for Perinatal Mental Health
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Organised by CPMHC, Canada

Improving Perinatal Mental Health Care in Canada
Virtual Symposium: Strategic approaches to perinatal mental health care in Canada. The symposium is open to clinicians, researchers (faculty, staff and students), advocates, government, and members of the general public. Part 1 will make the case for advancing perinatal mental health in Canada, and Part 2 will focus on standards of care and how these play out at the global, national, provincial and local levels.
Learn more and sign-up here
Organised by Ludmer Centre & CPMHC, Canada

Maternal Mental Health Day in Malta
– Yoga, Pilates and Baby Massage sessions throughout the month of May
– PIMHA featuring on various TV and radio programmes
– Sharing of videos on maternal mental health on social media
– Mama’s Support: peer to peer support group for mums.
Find out more here.
Organised by Parent-Infant Mental Health Alliance (PIMHA), Malta

Una responsabilidad de todos – A responsibility of everyone
Virtual events will take place on Wednesday May 4th from 3.30pm and will be shared via live streaming at the Laboratory’s Facebook page

The following topics will be discussed by specialists and researchers:

Master Conference: Perinatal Duel
Conversation: How to take care of maternal health among all
Talk with an expert: Psychological support for women in the process of assisted reproduction

The event will be in Spanish
Organised by Perinatal Mental Health Laboratory at the Autonomous University of Morelos, Mexico

1st Perinatal Mental Health Awareness Day in Puerto Rico
The Centre for Perinatal Mental Health (CSMP-PR), with the co-sponsorship of the Department of Psychiatry of the Medical Sciences Campus (UPR), will celebrate the first Perinatal Mental Health Awareness Day. To commemorate this important day we will be carrying out a face-to-face outreach activity:

Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Time: 9:00AM to 12:00M
Location: Jaime Benítez Amphitheater (RCM)

Register for this free event here
Organised by Centro SMPPR, Puerto Rico

Oakville Parent-Child Centre
Walk for WMMHD
Register here
Organised by OPCC, Ontario, Canada

Maternal Mental Health Webinar
Webinar on Maternal Mental Health
Register for free here
Organised by National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), New Hampshire, USA

Lets Talk About it Together
Join members of the Società Marce Italiana as they speak with health professionals, mothers, partners and families to tackle the delicate issue of perinatal mental health.
Join here
Organised by Società Marce Italiana, Italy

5 May

Maternal Mental Health Panel 
Discussion with health care professionals, Maria Salaberry, Rocio Macie and AISMP VP Romina Loiacono
Find out more here
Organised by Interdisciplinary Association Of Perinatal Mental Health (AISMP), Argentina 

Healthy Chat – Quality Time/Stronger Together 
Discussion with Nur Yana Yirah, founder of MotherHope Indonesia and hosts, Dian Ronawati and Sarah Naomi
Listen here
Organised by MotherHope, Indonesia  

6 May

Understanding Perinatal Depression 
Webinar with broadcaster Celine Hinchliffe and Head of PANDAS Foundation, Annie Belasco
Find out more and sign-up here
Organised by Frog Systems, UK

Maternal Mental Health Panel 
Discussion with health care professionals, Lorena Lassere, Guadalupe del Canto and Rocio Maciel
Find out more here
Organised by Interdisciplinary Association Of Perinatal Mental Health (AISMP), Argentina

Latin American Perinatal Mental Health Network 
Exchange of Experiences and Challenges: Meet over zoom to discuss perinatal mental health topics that affect Latinos
Find out more and sign-up for free here
Organised by LAPMHN, South America

Pregnancy and Postpartum Psychosis Awareness Day 
Five exciting webinars to promote awareness and provide information about postpartum psychosis (PPP). These sessions are intended for women who have experienced PPP and their families, as well as for health and legal professionals who work with these women. Each session will last approximately one hour, and there will be a Q&A session at the end of each webinar.
To join, donate or get involved, click here
Organised by PPP Awareness Day, USA

7 May

Karma Keg Fundraiser
For PADA –  Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa
For more information, click here
Organised by Moon Under Water, New Zealand

8 May

Walk with Us, Stronger Together
Organised walk to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with Mental Health
Sign-up here
Organised by Parent-Infant Mental Health Alliance (PIMHA), Malta

11 May

World Maternal Mental Health Day Conference
The theme of the day will be ‘Stronger Together’ – Supporting Women Worldwide on our Journey through Maternal Mental Health Care

The organizers invite mental health professionals and others to participate and contribute to discussions on training needs, gender sensitive service provisions, public mental health and developments specific to the region
Sign-up here
Organised by Sidra Medicine, Qatar

Roundtable – Postpartum Mental Health
Discussion on Maternal Mental Health and Pregnancy and Postpartum Support
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Organised by BabyCentre, USA

Maternal Mental Health Webinar Symposium
Discussions and Q&A’s on topics such as drug use during pregnancy and ‘Let’s hear from the Mothers’ 
Sign-up here
Organised by Turkish Maternal Mental Health Awareness Alliance, Turkey

16 May

Towards Healing: Insights into the complexities of Perinatal Mental Health
Perinatal Mental Health Conference 2022 with key note speakers discussing PNDA and perinatal related trauma
Register here
Organised by Gidget Foundation, Australia

Perinatal Mental Health Awareness Week (1 – 7 May)

Choose to Move for Perinatal Mental Health
Annual fundraiser, choose to swim, cycle, run or walk
Register for this year’s event here
Organised by PADA, New Zealand

Shut Up and Dance
Online dance class – #choosetomove for Perinatal Mental Health and Dance on May 7th, 9.45am – 10.30am
Sign up here
Organised by PADA, New Zealand

Maternal Mental Health Awareness week (2 – 8 May)

UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week
Theme: The Power of Connection
We are delighted to be able to reveal the theme for this years UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is The Power of Connection. The week will take place between 2- 8 May and each day of the awareness week will have its own unique theme, as stated below.

2 May – What is Maternal Mental Health?

3 May – Smashing the Stigma

4 May – The Power of Connection – We are Stronger Together

5 May – Health Care Professionals – Information Hub

6 May – Perinatal Positivity Pot

7 May – Support for All

8 May – Reflections

Take a look at this Google Drive which contains infographics, symptom checklists, daily themes and online support sessions.
Visit the PMHP UK Blog, Instagram or Facebook pages for more information.
Organised by PMHP, UK 

#MakingOverMotherhood Challenge
Moms are invited to share daily posts from TheBlueDotProjects’s pages and to participate in the 5 day #MakingOverMotherhoodchallenge.
Find out more and sign-up here
Organised by The Blue Dot Project, USA

Climb Out of the Darkness
The world’s largest walk and international fundraisers for survivors, providers, and members of the community to come together.
Find a climb near you
Organised by PSI Climb Out, USA

Maternal Mental Health Maters – Webinar series
3 May – “UMBILICAL Association: because maternal mental health matters!” (Nurse Ana Vale, Specialist in perinatal mental health and president of the Umbilical association)

4 May – “Project ‘to be in love’: a perinatal mental health nursing appointment experience in the community” (nurse Carla Correia, specialist in mental health and master in communication)

5 May – “A journey through the world of mental health in pregnancy and in the postpartum period” (All social bodies of the Umbilical association with special guest)

6 May – “Psychological support in pregnancy and postpartum: is it important?” (clinical psychologist Raquel Vaz)

7 May – “Psychiatric drugs in pregnancy and postpartum: is it a possibility?”

8 May – “Being pregnant and being a mother in a context of emotional turmoil” (nurse Maria João Nascimento, specialist in mental health in early childhood)

9 May – “I had postpartum depression: sharing testimonies” (nurse Ana Vale and therapist Ana Melo)

Sign-up and find out more here
Organised by UMBILICAL Association, Portugal

International Mother’s Mental Health Day – A Unique Lecture Week via Zoom

Virtual lecture series schedule:

8 May

  • Opening remarks – Guy Almog, Ministry of Health, Tel Aviv
  • Mom and More Mom – On the uniqueness on parenting two women
  • Women, Parenting and Mental Coping
  • Escort in the Home Place
  • Pregnancy Practices

9 May

  • Webinar – Emotional Preparation for Childbirth and Parenting for Women Starting at Age 30
  • Postpartum Depression and the Mother-Infant Relationship
  • The Role of the Community in Modern Motherhood

10 May

  • Personal Story – How to Deal with Understanding
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

11 May

  • Mental Health Around Childbirth – The Place of family and Community in Corona and Beyond
  • Breastfeeding and the Connection of Mental Health of Mothers
  • ‘Mothers are Born Slowly’ – On the Meanings of Childbirth in a Woman’s Life

12 May

  • Locating and Treating Arab Women Suffering from Postpartum Depression
  • Reflective Parenting for Children with Special Needs
  • ‘My Medi’ – Guided Meditation

To register for any of the scheduled events or to read the full programme in Hebrew, click here

8 June

Updates on the Maternal Mental Health Landscape
Addressing the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth
For more information, click here
Organised by Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA), USA

19-23 September

International Meeting (UK)
We look forward to welcoming you all to London in September 2022. We want as many people as possible to be able to meet in person, so we will be having a face to face meeting from September 19-21 (with a reception at the Great Hall, King’s College London 18th September early evening). We know that not everyone will be able to come to London, so we are combining it with a virtual meeting from September 21-23. If you can join in with both that is ideal! Perinatal mental health does not only involve the mother, but the partner and the child also, as well as the broader family.  We will therefore welcome submissions on all these aspects for both the face to face meeting and the virtual element 

Tickets available here
Organised by The International Marce Society, UK


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