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World Maternal Mental Health Day

Wednesday, 5 May 2021



Postpartum Depression – radio talk series
Radio shows at 42 community radio stations, with workshops in Kenya
Learn more here
Organised by Action for Preventative Mental Health, Kenya

April – May

Bring Holidays Back to Moms
The project is aimed at supporting and brightening the day for the expecting mothers who have to spend family holidays in a hospital in the Ukraine.
Learn more in this short video and on here
Organised by 280 Days, Ukraine

When the soul gets sick – Video series
Podiumsgespräch „Screening auf peripartale Depression
Vortrag „Besonderheiten der postpartalen Depression“ – Dr. Brigitte Kastner
Vortrag „Einfluss von Trauma und Depression auf die Schwangerschaft“ – Dr. med. Susanne Simen
Vortrag “Frühe Bindungsstörungen und späterer psychische Erkrankung“ – Dr. med. Sven Lienert
Interviewreihe “Wenn die Seele erkrankt: Teil 1 Depressionen in Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit” – Bündnis gegen Depression
Organised by Paracelsus Medical Privatuniversity (PMU) in collaboration with Bündnis gegen Depression Würzburg, Germany

25 April

Skills to Recognize and Early Management of Mental Health Problems of Pregnant and Postpartum Women.
A certified online training for midwives – Discussion Panel: Helping Mothers, Helping Babies
More information here
Organised by MotherHope Indonesia

2 May

Consumer and Professional Perspectives on the Need for Maternal Mental Health ServicesPolicies and Women’s Rights to the Need for Maternal Mental Health Services
Panel Discussions – FREE for health workers and health students, student observers
Registration link: http://bit.ly/DiskusiPanelMHI
Organised by MotherHope Indonesia

4-5 May

Perinatal Mental Health and Early Childhood virtual conference hosted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Virtual Conference
Registration and more information here
Organised by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

5 May

Maternity and Mental Health Symposium, Turkey
Young doctors invest in maternal mental health in Turkey!
Find the full programme here
Organised by Sakarya University Medical Faculty, Turkey

  • Follow-up: 

The 2nd Maternity and Mental Health Symposium was held on May 5, 2021, on the occasion of World Mother Mental Health Week, which is determined as the first week of May every year. Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine students, who want to draw attention to maternal mental health and raise awareness, organized a symposium on Mother Mental Health Day under the umbrella of the Sakarya Medical Students Association. The first symposium was organized by Sakarya Medical students in 2017, and the second was held online this year. At the symposium, Associate Professor Esra Yazıcı talked about the importance of maternal mental health for mother, individual and society. While Associate Professor Hilal Uslu Yuvacı gave information about pregnancy and birth during the COVID period, Researcher Dr Kübra Akbulut and Research Assistant Dr Çisem Yücel gave information about working in the field of mental health and working with mothers. Medical student Zeynep Nur Doğrul also participated in the symposium as a speaker and shared her knowledge.

Organized with the participation and support of young doctors, the 2nd Maternity and Mental Health Symposium, in which up-to-date information is shared to raise awareness in the field of maternal mental health, met with a wide audience. The symposium was also promoted on international maternal mental health websites related to the Maternal Mental Health Task Force and expressed the importance and academic support given to maternal mental health in Turkey.

The Symposium records can be accessed on Sakarya Medical Students Association Youtube channel.

Improving Perinatal Mental Health Care in Canada
Virtual Symposium: Strategic approaches to perinatal mental health care in Canada. The symposium is open to clinicians, researchers (faculty, staff and students), advocates, government, and members of the general public. Part 1 will make the case for advancing perinatal mental health in Canada, and Part 2 will focus on standards of care and how these play out at the global, national, provincial and local levels.
Learn more and sign-up here
Organised by Ludmer Centre & CPMHC, Canada

Maternal Mental Health Day in Malta
– Yoga, Pilates and Baby Massage sessions throughout the month of May
– PIMHA featuring on various TV and radio programmes
– Sharing of videos on maternal mental health on social media
– Mama’s Support: peer to peer support group for mums.
Find out more here.
Organised by Parent-Infant Mental Health Alliance (PIMHA), Malta

Hablemos de Salud Mental Perinatal – Let’s talk about perinatal mental health
This online conversation will take place on Wednesday May 5th, at 18:00 hrs (GMT-5) and will be shared via live streaming at the Laboratory’s Facebook page.

The following topics will be discussed by specialists and researchers:

Maternal Mental Health Assessment as a resource for phychosocial wellbeing
Maternal Anxiety and depression during pregnancy and postpartum
Perinatal mental health in women affected with natural disasters
Breastfeeding and mother and infant interaction
The role of violence in perinatal mental health

To access the program and poster follow this link. The event will be in Spanish.
Organised by Perinatal Mental Health Laboratory at the Autonomous University of Morelos, Mexico

Women’s Mental Health in the time of COVID
Join us for the free Meet Sidra Medicine’s Experts webinar series, featuring guidance and recommendations on subjects related to women’s and children’s health. We will be sharing a range of topics, including lactation and nutritional advice; diabetes management guidance for parents and patients; mental health, and more.
Organised by Sidra Medicine, Qatar

7 May

Maternal Mental Health Vulnerability and Growth Conference
Virtual Symposium
Find out more and sign-up here
Organised by the Puerto Rico Pre and Perinatal Psychology Association

9 May

A review of MotherHope Indonesia’s Memoir “Mommies, You’re Not Alone”
Discussion with author, Agustina Wanisari Rajutannya, and many others.
Find out more here.
Organised by MotherHope Indonesia


“Moms who help moms”, an online campaign that consists of sharing experiences, pieces of advice about motherhood and parenting or just messages of encouragement and love, telling personal stories from mothers to mothers.
Visit the campaign page here.
Organised by Área PRYMA

May – June

Climb Out of the Darkness Walk
We will be taking over downtown Kitchener window spaces to lead an outdoor walking exhibition which will lay the path for Waterloo Region’s first Climb Out of the Darkness Walk. This walk is part of an International Initiative created by Postpartum Support International that raises money for local Perinatal Mental Health Initiatives and aims to de-stigmatize Perinatal Mental Health Struggles.

Any donation to Climb Out of the Darkness – Waterloo Region of $25 or more gains access to Post-Part virtually so that anyone, anywhere can immerse themselves in the walk. You can donate here. For more information about this beautiful art exhibition, visit Post-Part.
Organised by City of Kitchener and Post-Part, Canada.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness week (3 – 9 May)

UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week
Theme: Journeys to Recovery
We are delighted to be able to reveal the theme for this years UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is Journeys to Recovery. The week will take place between 3- 9 May and to launch it and throughout, we will be inviting those who feel comfortable to do so, to share photographs of the different things
Take a look at this Google Drive which contains infographics, symptom checklists, daily themes and online support sessions!
Visit the PMHP UK blog for more information.
Organised by PMHP UK 

#MakingOverMotherhood Challenge
Moms are invited to get real about motherhood by sharing photos and posts that show the real face of motherhood.
The MMH Week toolkit this year will address maternal burnout and maternal OCD
Find out more and sign-up here
Organised by The Blue Dot Project, USA


Maternal Mental Health Maters – Webinar series
3 May – “UMBILICAL Association: because maternal mental health matters!” (Nurse Ana Vale, Specialist in perinatal mental health and president of the Umbilical association)

4 May – “Project ‘to be in love’: a perinatal mental health nursing appointment experience in the community” (nurse Carla Correia, specialist in mental health and master in communication)

5 May – “A journey through the world of mental health in pregnancy and in the postpartum period” (All social bodies of the Umbilical association with special guest)

6 May – “Psychological support in pregnancy and postpartum: is it important?” (clinical psychologist Raquel Vaz)

7 May – “Psychiatric drugs in pregnancy and postpartum: is it a possibility?”

8 May – “Being pregnant and being a mother in a context of emotional turmoil” (nurse Maria João Nascimento, specialist in mental health in early childhood)

9 May – “I had postpartum depression: sharing testimonies” (nurse Ana Vale and therapist Ana Melo)

Sign-up and find out more here
Organised by UMBILICAL Association, Portugal


Maternal Mental Health Week in Israel
Virtual lecture series:

3 May

  • Antenatal depression—facts and myths
  • Treatments for women following pregnancy loss and stillbirth
  • Enhancing maternal and paternal perinatal mental health
  • Research report: How do women feel about PMAD screening programs?
  • Postnatal well-being and distress, and what lies between them
  • Paternal mental health
  • The community as a significant resource for postnatal women
  • The effect of COVID-19 on perinatal maternal health

4 May

  • Looking postpartum depression in the eye: a personal story

5 May

  • Identification and treatment of postpartum depression, and the effect on the infant
  • The effects of traumatic delivery
  • Supporting women with perinatal emotional difficulties

6 May

  • The implications of postpartum depression for the mother-child relationship
  • Postpartum depression in the Bedouin community
  • Postpartum depression in the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox community
  • Interventions with women in the postpartum period
  • Stillbirth—continuity of care from the hospital to the community

Read the full programme in Hebrew here.


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