April 21, 2017

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World Maternal Mental Health Day

Raising awareness of maternal mental health issues, so that more women will get treatment and fewer will suffer.

6 May 2020

How you can get involved

During the weeks leading up to the day, you can highlight what your organisation is doing to help women with perinatal mental health problems by using the below tools.

  • Use the hashtag #maternalMHmatters on social media
  • Like the Maternal Mental Health Day Facebook page and share your events, stories, facts or research
  • Adopt the Twibbon on your Facebook or Twitter profile picture – MMHday Twibbon
  • Tell your story to help raise awareness of maternal mental health issues so that more women will get treatment and fewer will suffer on our blog
  • Join or support activities in your country or region – check the global events pages here
  • Come up with your own ideas to highlight that #maternalMHmatters in your country or region and let others know by submitting your event details to us via email
  • Use our infographic to highlight that maternal mental health is an issue globally or adapt to your own language and cultural setting. Request the template via email
  • For more detailed information, media releases and sample tweets:

Download the Social Media Toolkit 2020 in English

Earlier versions are available in French | German | Turkish | Japanese


Recognition of World Maternal Mental Health Day (WMMHday)

Sign the petition calling on the World Health Assembly and the UN World Health Organisation to officially recognize WMMH Day, to be commemorated annually on the first Wednesday of May.

Maternal mental health advocates, researchers, academics, clinicians, and people with lived experiences are committed to improving the mental health support for women during and after pregnancy throughout the world.

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Why Maternal Mental Health should be a priority?

You can download our new social media graphics..

as well as the #maternalMHmattres infographics in a number of languages below:

Infographic English

Infographic – Spanish

Infographic – Turkish

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