January 27, 2019

Share your project

On this page, we will feature projects, research and innovations from our collaborators from around the globe!

These projects can include – but are not limited to – scientific research, best practice peer-to-peer-support or technology innovations that help advance the field of maternal mental health service provision. Furthermore, the format is not limited to papers, presentations or posters and can include videos and different art forms.

We are aiming to create a platform to exchange ideas, encourage collaboration between projects and share the importance of your work with the public.

All submissions should have a focus on Maternal Mental Health. Please use the form below stating the following:

1. Title of the project
2. You/your organization’s name
3. Objectives of the project as well as any results
4. A link to the published paper or outcomes material
5. An abstract


We thank you for participating in World Maternal Mental Health Day!