January 27, 2019

Global projects

On this page, we feature projects, research and innovations from our global collaborators!

Research: Comparison of mental health screening tools for detecting antenatal depression and anxiety disorders

Published by the Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP), South Africa

Antenatal depression and anxiety disorders are highly prevalent in low and middle-income countries. Screening of pregnant women in primary care antenatal settings provides an opportunity for entry to care, but data are needed on the performance of different screening tools. In this paper they have compared five widely-used questionnaires in a sample of pregnant women in urban South Africa.

Resource: Bettercare – Maternal Mental Health guidebook

Written by the Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP), South Africa and edited by Prof Dave Woods

The Maternal Mental Health book was written for doctors, nurses and social workers caring for women before and after birth. It provides a clear guide to supporting mental health in the perinatal period. You can read the book online.


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