We Need a Postpartum Support Worker for Every Mom

By Joyce Wachira Was I A Failure? Tell Me. I was ready for motherhood, with a meticulous personality; everything was in place, so I thought. Three months before delivery, Hospital booked, doctors booked, Nanny trained, house stocked with all supplies needed. I can’t forget to mention the status of the baby room; everything was tiptop. At Read more about We Need a Postpartum Support Worker for Every Mom[…]

Choosing the Right Counselor Matters!

By Josee Grenier In my experience through Postpartum Depression and Anxiety it felt like every fear and trauma I had ever experienced was fresh in my mind.  It’s like PPD’s ugly hand had reached deep into my heart in the ‘trauma’ area and just started pulling at things and ‘stirring the pot’.  I remember some days Read more about Choosing the Right Counselor Matters![…]